CryptoCaptain: The FISHERMAN in the Salty Waters of Information

The FISHERMAN in the Salty Waters of Information

For a cryptocurrency signal service like CryptoCaptain it is of utmost importance to always have the latest information at hand, in order to maintain high accuracy. Such information comes in many different shapes and forms but one thing in common is a good source. Fishing for Quality sources Finding websites, which write about cryptocurrencies is …

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We have joined the CODE_n community to drive forward innovations for crypto investors

We have now made the transition to business and say “hello” to our new colleagues at the CODE_n startup and innovation hub. With this move, we fully embrace our nature of a young and innovative startup and enter an innovation hub of like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs. CODE_n was initiated by GFT as a leading innovation hub for digital pioneers and visionaries. GFT is world-class financial services specialist in technology and innovation.

CryptoCaptain: The MINER of knowledge in the streams of news

Teaching a computer to extract valuable knowledge for crypto investors from large amounts of news streams is a tough problem. To deal with it, we use techniques of natural language processing, information extraction, machine learning, and text classification.

CryptoCaptain: The SCIENTIST and the deep Seas of Data

The SCIENTIST and the deep Seas of Data

The Bull Market Compass combines knowledge from the fields of big data, sentiment analysis, and predictive analytics using methods of artificial intelligence. Our service is backed by more than 10 years of scientific experience in these fields by the founders.

Crypto News Digest May 4 – 10

May 4 Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) holders will soon be able to delegate their voting rights to StakeWith.US while still receiving voting rewards.

Crypto News Digest April 27 – May 3

Apr. 27 New Dutch anti-money laundering laws make it near impossible for smaller crypto companies to operate in the country as a result of high registration fees and compliance costs.

Crypto News Digest April 20-26

Apr. 20 Facebook is looking to hire “experts in fraud, compliance, workforce management, and customer care” to support the team at Calibra working on a digital wallet for Libra.

Crypto News Digest April 13-19

Apr. 13 Crypto exchange Huobi has incorporated an AI into its systems, which will be able to detect “suspicious” transactions on the platform and freeze accounts until account activity has been reviewed by a compliance officer.

Will Bitcoin continue its uptrend? Bullishness is on par with 2019’s start of bull market

Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash have observed an uptrend since the losses driven by the Corona pandemic in March 2020. Since April, Bitcoin price moves exceed the Exponential Moving Average (displayed as red line in the chart below). Now, will Bitcoin extend its uptrend? Is bitcoin up to a bull run …

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Will Bitcoin’s recovery continue? Investors should be cautious

Investors should be cautious during Bitcoin’s recovery. Here’s why. We analyze the crypto market’s recent recovery from a technical view, a sentiment view, and from the news situation. We focus on the big picture and address long-term investors.

Crypto News Week March 23-29

Mar. 23 Two draft bills by the U.S. Democratic party introduced to the House of Representatives suggested a “digital dollar” as means of doing direct transfers to “qualified individuals” as part of a coronavirus stimulus package. A later draft of one of the bills had the “digital dollar” language removed from it and it is expected that the other bill will follow suit soon.

Bitcoin in the Corona Crisis: Why investors should stay on the sidelines.

In March 2020 the Corona Crisis pushed to the forefront of public attention in Europe, the US, and the rest of the world. Spurred by worries of an economic breakdown, international stock markets saw a drastic crash of about -40% so far. Usually, the correlation between the stock market and the crypto market is very …

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Crypto Assets Conference 2020 Takeaways

The Crypto Assets Conference (CAC) in Frankfurt is one of the biggest blockchain events in Germany. It stands tall next to the BLOCKCHANCE conference in Hamburg and the Blockchain Technology Conference in Berlin and this year marks the third year since its establishment. The host of the conference is the Frankfurt School of Finance & …

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