Your AI trading navigator for timing crypto trends

CryptoCaptain makes agile crypto markets tradeable by precise market timing. We help traders and investors to catch strong trends that deliver 10%+ over several weeks by providing precise and actionable trading signals via email. You can profit from up and down trends using long and short trades. Compounding of interest makes even small investments attractive.

Early buy / sell signals building on big data analytics and AI

In contrast to chart analysis, CryptoCaptain helps traders to enter emerging strong trends early on and to stay out of crashes. CryptoCaptain's AI detects tipping of market predictions in high quality sources in early stages. Crypto Captain uses big data analytics from years of proprietary research you can count on.

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1. Market predictions begin to tip

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2. AI detects emerging trend

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3. Members receive early buy signal

Precise timing of Bitcoin trends, featuring

Actionable Signals

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Transparent Performance

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Solid Approach

✔ Years of own research you can count on 

✔ Real time data analytics provides timing edge 

✔ Selected high quality market prognoses used as input 

✔ Sophisticated safety algorithms for capital protection

✔ Founder's Phd Thesis evidences excess return potential

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