The first Bitcoin trend navigator built on sentiment analysis

CryptoCaptain navigates traders and DIY investors in profiting from strong trends by precise timing. Crypto assets like Bitcoin regularly boast attractive trends for investors with returns of 10%+ and sometimes 100%+ within 2-3 months. However, crypto markets are stormy as they are driven by investors' moods and sentiments. CryptoCaptain helps you trading those trends by its unique timing approach. Our large-scale AI analyzes market predictions in crypto-related media in real time.

To fully capture trends and enter early, CryptoCaptain provides you with easily implementable signals for your Bitcoin trading via email. Through long and optional short trading you can profit from up and down trends. Compounding of interest and low trading costs make even small investments attractive.

Early buy & sell to fully capture trends

In contrast to chart analysis, CryptoCaptain helps traders and investors to enter emerging trends early on and to stay with them without getting whipsawed. CryptoCaptain's AI detects tipping of the market sentiment in high quality crypto media at early stages. CryptoCaptain uses big data sentiment analytics from years of proprietary research you can count on.

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1. Market sentiment begins to tip in crypto media

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2. AI detects emerging up trend

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3. Members receive early buy signal

Precise timing of Bitcoin trends featuring

Tradeable Signals

Tradeable Signals

Transparent Performance

Transparent Performance

Trading Edge

✔ Real time analytics of market sentiment in big data provides timing edge

✔ Processing of curated high quality crypto-related media

✔ Sophisticated safety algorithms for protecting your capital

✔ Years of own research you can count on 

✔ Founder's PhD thesis evidences excess returns of sentiment approach

CryptoCaptain in 85 seconds

Watch the interview with the founder (in German with English subtitles).

Live crypto market sentiment

Our sentiment is continuously extracted from curated high quality crypto media. In contrast to the sentiment radar of the Bison App, CryptoCaptain's sentiment is based on a comprehensive selection of the best market analyses and predictions, going far beyond arbitrary Tweets. Our sentiment refers to the development of the overall crypto market, which is well represented by Bitcoin.

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Timing is everything!

CryptoCaptain uses high quality sentiment analysis and AI for timing the market in a very effective way. On top we added proprietary risk management algorithms to play the game only when odds are good. Our approaches for systematic trading remove the guesswork and emotional biases. CryptoCaptain caters for both, long-term investors - even beginners - and experienced active traders.

CALM Timing for Investors

CALM Timing Investment Performance
(click to enlarge; data delayed by one month)

• 2018: +4% (Bitcoin: -68%)

• 2019: +170% (Bitcoin: +92%)

• Maximum loss: -24% (Bitcoin: -73%)

• Targets sizeable up trends of 40%+ over several months

• Keeps you away from the market in down periods

• About two trades per year

• 30 minutes per quarter for handling

• Can be easily replicated with your favorite crypto broker that allows buying and selling Bitcoin, e.g., or

• Best for beginners

LIVELY Timing for Active Traders

LIVELY Timing Trading Performance
(click to enlarge; data delayed by one month)

• 2018: +441% (Bitcoin: -68%)

• 2019: +111% (Bitcoin: +92%)

• Maximum loss: -28% (Bitcoin: -73%)

• Targets up and down trends of 10%+ over several weeks

• Keeps you away from the market in indecisive periods

• About one trade every two weeks

• 15 minutes per week for handling

• Can be easily replicated with your favorite crypto broker that allows short trading, e.g.,,,

• Best for advanced traders

Are you ready to systematically profit from crypto trends?

Let CryptoCaptain help you! CryptoCaptain is in beta. Beta testing is free of charge. We'd love to get your feedback on our service.

Dr. Achim Klein, Founder and Head of R&D

I founded CryptoCaptain after I discovered our crypto sentiment to be twice as effective in market timing than technical analysis. I've worked very hard over many years in university to develop a robust and systematic approach for profitable timing of dynamic markets. Proper risk management with custom algorithms to protect your capital is included. I'm motivated to help DIY investors - like myself - on their way to freeing themselves from the burdens of negative interest banking, inflation eating savings, low yield investments, and work you don't like.

We'd like to understand how we can help you

Our partners

The "Crypto-Captain" project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the "EXIST-Gründerstipendium".
Crypto-Captain was developed at University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany.