Crypto News Digest April 27 – May 3

Apr. 27___New Dutch anti-money laundering laws make it near impossible for smaller crypto companies to operate in the country as a result of high registration fees and compliance costs.

Apr. 27___Game developers are taking a step back from full out blockchain-powered games due to scalability issues.

Apr. 27___Samsung has added a new digital apps section to the Galaxy Store.

Apr. 27___Crypto exchange LGO Markets is now offering intraday loans to institutional investors, which enable cryptocurrency trading without the need for pre-funding.

Apr. 27___Artificial intelligence start-up SenseTime is partnering with China's Digital Currency Research Institute to transform China's financial sector using advanced artificial intelligence systems.

Apr. 27___Crypto exchange Binance has officially launched its mining pool.

Apr. 27___IBM has launched a blockchain-based network, which connects buyers and producers of medical equipment and medical supplies amid COVID-19 shortages.

Apr. 28___In an open letter to the US Treasury Department members of Congress are advocating for distributed ledger technology (DLT) as a more efficient way of distributing COVID-19 aid to the affected business and people.

Apr. 28___Chinese city Ya'an is inviting cryptocurrency miners to take advantage of the city's cheap hydroelectric power.

Apr. 28___The World Economic Forum has published a guide on how to plan and carry out blockchain projects while emphasizing on supply chain and trade use cases.

Apr. 28___Global payment services provider has joined the Libra Association. Checkout's CEO motivated the decision with a common goal with the Libra Association of empowering billions of unbanked people to take part in the digital economy.

Apr. 28___OpenLaw has launched a "Limited Liability Autonomous Organization" (LAO) targeted at US-based investors. The LAO is a type of venture capital vehicle, which invests ETH in eligible cryptocurrency projects. A unique feature of the LAO allows investors to pull out their funds at any given time.

Apr. 28___Blockstack is opening its patent portfolio to companies and developers who are willing to build a barrier-free internet for the people.

Apr. 28___Member of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and a long-time blockchain supporter Brian Quintenz will be stepping down from his post by November 2020.

Apr. 28___A new socially driven registry Everest is aiming to become the Crunchbase of crypto.

Apr. 29___Nasdaq has integrated the Corda blockchain platform into the Nasdaq Financial Framework to enhance the issuance, trading, settlement, and custody of digital assets.

Apr. 29___Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX) has implemented a volatility interruption safe switch to prevent the execution of stop orders during market flash crashes.

Apr. 29___A survey by crypto exchange bitFlyer has found that 66% of Europeans see cryptocurrencies still being relevant in 10 years' time.

Apr. 29___Tencent is planning to mentor up to 30 blockchain startups as part of a blockchain accelerator program.

Apr. 29___Crypto mining pool OKEx has announced that it will be one of the first validators on the Ethereum 2.0 Topaz test network.

Apr. 30___Telegram has decided to postpone the issuance of its gram tokens by a year following a US judge ruling. To compensate investors for the delay Telegram is offering to return 72% of each investor's stake. Alternatively, investors may also choose to lend their money for another year and receive 110% of their initial stake at the end of this period.

Apr. 30___Clients of crypto exchange BTSE can now request a quote for trades up to $1 million up from $100 000.

Apr. 30___Project running on the Tezos blockchain will now have access to Chainlink's price oracles.

Apr. 30___Overstock is looking to turn tZERO Crypto into the first platform to offer cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and traditional stocks in one place.

May 1___Crypto Exchange Bitfinex is looking for $800 million in lost funds after the funds held by Crypto Capital were reportedly seized in 2018 due to various money laundering activities on behalf of Crypto Capital.

May 1___Portfolio tracking and management application Blockfolio has patched a long-standing security vulnerability, which gave direct access to the application's proprietary source code.

UPDATE (May 12):

Apr. 28___Crypto exchange BitMEX has restricted the access of Japanese residents to its trading platform following amendments made to the Japan Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Japan Payment Services Act.

May 3___Blogging platform Ghost has reported a malicious attack, which used a vulnerability in SaltStack to gain access to its servers and install crypto mining software.

May 3___Maker token holders have approved the addition of wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) as collateral for DAI tokens.